Conehead Buddha – Rockets: #740 of best 1,000 albums ever!

Conehead Buddha - Rockets

Why is Conehead Buddha’s Rockets on my best 1,000 albums ever list?

Get that body up.

What does Conehead Buddha’s Rockets mean to me? What does it make me feel? Why is it exciting or compelling?

It makes me so happy to promote bands that most people have never heard of as part of this here best 1,000 albums project.

I emphasize most people, as those of a certain time (let’s say 1990s) and place (let’s say the northeastern U.S.) and age (college-y) who are familiar with Conehead Buddha remember them most fondly. Case in point: I met up for drinks with a former boss of mine in Seattle and we realized that we are both card-carrying Conehead fans!

If you roll deep with Conehead, you’ll recall that their first album, from 1993, is called Eastern Island Vacation. I spent quite a bit of time with that album on cassette tape during college road trips back in the day. Songs like “Thank You” and “Gotta Have Fun” still hold up well, and it has a place on my “honorable mention” list for this project.

Rockets is the most consistently good album that Conehead has produced to date, though, and most closely resembles the upbeat, manic-but-controlled energy of their live shows. And, frankly, the sound production is far superior versus Easter Island Vacation.

“Body Up” is the best song on Rockets, an exciting horn-driven, groovy ska number that is designed to get bodies moving and shaking (not to mention up).

“Lioness” kicks off with a great guitar hook, after which the horns kick off and the ska beat accelerates. Special shoutout here to Conehead’s outstanding horn section, which helps create a great counter-melody to the guitar and vocals. Many bands attempt to do this and few succeed as well as Conehead.

“Road Kill Coffee” — which, first of all great song title — is more of a fun mid-tempo number and shows off what the band can do in a slightly moodier mode.

But honestly Conehead’s most in its collective wheelhouse when busting out fun, sexy, upbeat ska numbers a la “Mattress Mambo.” And this one has a fun little Latin touch to it. Funky ska with a Latin edge, as it were.

Some stats & info about Conehead Buddha – Rockets

  • What kind of musical stylings does this album represent? Rock Music, Ska, Alternative Rock, New York Bands, Pop Music, Dance Music
  • Rolling Stone’s greatest 500 albums ranking – not ranked!
  • All Music’s rating – not rated!  
  • When was Rockets released? 1999
  • My ranking, the one you’re reading right now – #740 out of 1,000

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