Jersey Shore, “Not So Shore”: #1 ranked episode of Jersey Shore Season 2 – drinking cigarettes!

Jersey Shore - Not So Shore

“I always had balls, honey.” – Sammi to JWoww

Jersey Shore Season 2 Rankings: where did “Not So Shore” rank?

Jersey Shore’s “Not So Shore” is the #1 ranked episode of Jersey Shore’s second season. Find more Jersey Shore rankings here.

Here’s why “Not So Shore” was ranked as the #1 episode of Jersey Shore’s second wild season.

Jersey Shore
GENRE – Reality TV, Drama, Comedy, Trashtastic TV
EPISODE – “Not So Shore”
BEING RANKED FOR – Jersey Shore Season 2
RANK – #1 of Jersey Shore’s second season

Jersey Shore, “Not So Shore” (S0206) review

Ah, the letter and its aftermath. And then the aftermath of the aftermath.

It’s interesting in retrospect to recall how a number of kids in the Jersey Shore house (Miami edition) talked solemnly about how the situation (small s) with the letter was bound to blow up at some point. But in reality it takes someone to light the match.

Early on, we get a great exchange between The Situation and Sammi:

  • “It’s none of my business, you know what I mean? He’s my boy but, you know, it’s very one-sided. He’s 100% wrong.” – The Situation
  • “And he doesn’t see that.” – Sammi
  • “No no no no no. You don’t see that.” – The Situation

Perhaps as The Situation builds his media empire he’ll take Dr. Phil on? Well, maybe not. It’s pretty clear that The Situation is delighted as ever to sow discord between Ronnie and Sammi, a girl he pined for once upon a time, let’s remember. Additionally, The Situation provides insight into his philosophy on drama in the house that does not involve The Situation: “I’ll be flipping pancakes while people are punching themselves in the face.”

The punching in the face, at least of the verbal variety, jumped off when JWoww somewhat inexplicably blew up at Sammi for not deeming to take an audience with herself and Snooki when ambassador Angelina made such request. I’m tempted to liken the ensuing eruption to the origins of World War I and the assassination of a certain Archduke, but that might be taking it a hair too far. Nonetheless, things got a wee bit ugly, capped by Jenni referencing Ronnie making sweet love to other women (in much less refined terms, however) in front of Ronnie. Again, The Situation, for all his buffoonery, gets major points simply for the look of astonished glee on his face while this all goes down.

Then we must dole out points of another sort for our friend Ronnie, which we’ll call Astonishing Logic Points, when he chimes in with: “If you guys were real friends you would’ve said something that f—ing night, and not waited a week, and wrote a f—ing note.”

Strangely, by episode’s end, things were more tense between Sammi and (former?) friends Snooki and JWoww than between Sammi and Ronnie. And with a major blowup brewing again between Sammi and JWoww by episode’s end, we have plenty of Drama Central to look forward to yet, and points to issue out of course.

More thoughts on this week’s happy fun time Jersey Shore:

  • “Shalom.” – Snooki, prior to doing a shot of tequila while wearing an (extremely) oversized sombrero. Then, moments later: “I just drank cigarettes!”
  • DTS = Down to Snuggle. There’s a whole lot of acronyms being tossed about this season on Jersey Shore
  • “If she wants to come in my bed and throw it at me, then I’m gonna take it.” – Vinnie, on Snooki
  • “We should never have gave her that letter because obviously she doesn’t appreciate it.” – Snooki
  • “Shirt last minute, dog? What is this, your first rodeo?” – Pauly D to Vinnie
  • “Thanks for coming.” – Ronnie to The Situation’s latest conquest/situation
  • “Relax, I’m hanging out right now!” – Sammi to JWoww in response to her entreaties to help the girls cook Sunday dinner. Then, in confessional mode, JWoww responds: “I can tell that Sam’s not going to do anything, prissy little bitch that she is.”
  • “Just tell me. Come on, you’re my friend.” – Sammi to Angelina, on a last-ditch effort to find out who wrote the letter.
  • “We think The Situation’s might have got himself into a situation… with a tranny out here.” – Pauly D
  • “I always had balls, honey,” – Sammi to JWoww

Jersey Shore, “Not So Shore”: episode and cast info

Air date – September 2, 2010


Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio – Self
Jenni “JWoww” Farley – Self
Sammi “Sweetheart” – Self
Vinny Guagagino (later known as “Keto Guido”) – Self
Ronnie Margo – Self (as Ronnie Ortiz-Margo)
Angelina Pivarnick – Self
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – Self
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (later known as “Big Daddy Sitch” – Self