Jersey Shore, “Free Snooki”: #6 ranked episode of Jersey Shore Season 3 – Roger that!

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She went to work in her dress from last night.“ – The Situation on Snooki

Jersey Shore Season 3 Rankings: where did “Free Snooki” rank?

Jersey Shore’s “Free Snooki” is the #6 ranked episode of Jersey Shore’s third season. Find more Jersey Shore rankings here.

Here’s why “Free Snooki” was ranked as the #6 episode of Jersey Shore’s third crazy season.

Jersey Shore
GENRE – Reality TV, Drama, Comedy, Trashtastic TV
EPISODE – “Free Snooki”
BEING RANKED FOR – Jersey Shore Season 3
RANK – #6 of Jersey Shore’s third season

Jersey Shore, “Free Snooki” (S0304) review

This was a Snooki and Jenni-centric episode, and amazingly did not involve their history/baggage with the Ronnie and Sammi faction of the Jersey Shore house.

We begin with Snooki being hauled off to the slammer. “Is this really happening right now?” Snooki bemoans to the gods. Well, yes it is. You see, basically what happened is you got catastrophically drunk – beginning with an aggressive round of binge drinking when you wandered off from the t-shirt shop where you were supposed to be working – followed by stumbling around the beach for a while, and somehow managed to make enough of a nuisance of yourself that you got arrested.

After she’s bailed out of the clink, things get real for a moment as Jenni and Snooki collab for a therapy session. “You need to find love, and you’ll try and find it in anyone,” Jenni tells her BFF, but is she really talking to herself?

Later, it’s an interesting and perhaps hopeful sign when Snooki admits that she has been drinking too much to Jenni and that perhaps she should stop. But when the pair agrees that drinking a glass of Pinot is fine because pregnant women do it? Not quite following the logic there.

Meanwhile, the simmering tension between Jenni and boyfriend Tom hits the boiling stage. Jenni admittedly tries to have it a little bit both ways, calling Tom the day after forgetting their anniversary to tell him she’s upset about Snooki’s arrest. He gets pissed, and then she gets even more pissed. Good times. But that’s what happens I suppose when relationships are heading toward the rocks and you throw distance, a massively popular reality show, egos, and alcohol into the mix.

Jenni has been getting closer to thus far platonic friend Roger meanwhile, especially as the rumor that he has a girlfriend named Heather has been put to rest for the time being. Jenni’s final break with Tom seems to come when she reveals to him – after a series of cursing fits and hang-ups over the course of a few days – that she has been hanging out with a guy to get regain her independence and get a little “breathing room.” But what I especially concerned myself with was Pauly D riffing on “Roger that” in the background while the soon to be ex-couple is arguing on the phone.

And of course Ronnie takes every opportunity to call out “shady b—-” Jenni for spending time with Roger. I’m not sure if he would really want to do the math in comparing her behavior to his own, but let’s face it: this ain’t no Math Club.

It was a fun episode in that there was much clubbing and fist pumping to be done this week. MVP (Mike, Vinnie, Pauly) allow Deena (thus MVP +D) to tag along with them as she brings the fun (she’s a blast in a glass, let’s remember), hooks up with girls, and as Vince Vaughn circa Swingers might say, she’s a beautiful baby looking to party. Some takeaways from da club:

  • “Do you want to take a body shot off me?” Deena
  • “Who is this girl?” Pauly D
  • “Your boobs are phenomenal! Aren’t her boobs phenomenal?” – Deena on a young lady with, well, you know
  • The Situation meanwhile breaks down that there are plenty of “beautiful girls, grenades, and land mines” out at the club, so therefore he’s ready to have a good time

Deena wastes no time in finding a young gentleman that suits her desires (faux hawk, juicehead, good personality, in that order), and the gang quickly discerns that Dean is a very close lookalike to Ronnie. The boys ruthlessly call Dean “Ronnie” to his face throughout the night, and I must admit it’s rather hilarious.

Dean, to his credit (and in pursuit of the very willing Deena) plays along good naturedly. He later admits that he also has a girlfriend named Sam, which has both ugly and hilarious ramifications. Vinnie and Pauly D are seriously ready for sitcom casting as they play act an entire reproduction of the Ronnie and Sammi drama from Miami Beach with reference to Dean (AKA Ronnie) hooking up with Deena, with Sammi (AKA Sammi) getting cheated on.

They end with a pact to write an anonymous letter with pinkie swears and with parting adoring shots of, “Okay booboo.” The kicker comes the next morning when the “real” Sammi reveals to Deena that she has seen Dean’s girlfriend “like five times.” “Men are pigs,” she says, world weary and weary wise. Deena brushes it off, brightly implying through the censorious bleeps that young Dean provided services for her during their overnight get together that were not, shall we say, reciprocated.

More thoughts on the antics going on at the shore this week:

  • “It’s not funny anymore. I think she has a problem.” – Vinnie
  • “She went to work in her dress from last night.” – The Situation
  • I like that “Jail Break” by Janine the Machine is the soundtrack to the gang picking up Snooki from the clink.
  • I’m really sort of puzzled as to why and how Jenni is wearing a FREE SNOOKI t-shirt on the day Snooki gets out of jail.
  • Vinnie really cracked me up this week. Case in point is when he staggered into the house after a night out clubbing with the boys, lifted his shirt up, rolled his stomach and bellowed, “Look at my Situation, bro!”
  • I am so madly in love with the film Adventureland that the sequence with Jenni and Roger and Deena and Alex hanging out amidst the boardwalk amusement park rides made me want to watch the entire flick end-to-end… like I do almost every time I catch it on cable. It’s a funtastic time, what can I say?
  • Snooki’s camouflage baseball cap that reads “THUG LIFE.” I guess it’s a generational thing, is all I can fathom (or a Snooki thing?).
  • At the t-shirt shop there’s a (hideous? Hilarious? Hideously hilarious?) t-shirt way in the background that reads: JERSEY SNITCHES GET STICHES
  • “We got to hang out with Ronnie while he’s with Sam.” – Vinnie
  • “I finally have a hot juice box back at the house.” – Deena
  • “I just had a baby in the toilet.” – Snooki
  • I’m noticing that The Situation is playing a relatively minor role thus far in the second summer at the shore. It could just be an editing thing thus far, or Sitch is toning down his situation, relatively speaking, as his fame has grown exponentially in the wake of the Miami Beach portion of Season Two.
  • “Even though I just met him, Nick feels like the perfect gorilla juicehead for me. And I also want to have sex with him already.” – Snooki

Jersey Shore, “Free Snooki”: episode and cast info

Air date – January 20, 2011


Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio – Self
Jenni “JWoww” Farley – Self
Sammi “Sweetheart” – Self
Vinny Guagagino (later known as “Keto Guido”) – Self
Ronnie Margo – Self (as Ronnie Ortiz-Margo)
Angelina Pivarnick – Self
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – Self
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (later known as “Big Daddy Sitch”) – Self