Jersey Shore, “Drunk Punch Love”: #1 ranked episode of Jersey Shore Season 3 – grenade whistle!

jersey shore - drunk punch love

When there’s some grenades or some beasts present, we got the grenade whistle.” – Vinnie

Jersey Shore Season 3 Rankings: where did “Drunk Punch Love” rank?

Jersey Shore’s “Drunk Punch Love” is the #1 ranked episode of Jersey Shore’s third season. Find more Jersey Shore rankings here.

Here’s why “Drunk Punch Love” was ranked as the #1 episode of Jersey Shore’s third crazy season.

Jersey Shore
GENRE – Reality TV, Drama, Comedy, Trashtastic TV
EPISODE – “Drunk Punch Love”
BEING RANKED FOR – Jersey Shore Season 3
RANK – #1 of Jersey Shore’s third season

Jersey Shore, “Drunk Punch Love” (S0305) review

Just when you thought things had finally settled down between Sammi and Ron for a little bit, cue the music… dun dunh dunnnnh!

When Ron tells an as ever needy, whiny, and accusatory Sammi to pack her s— and get the f— out – after yet another squabble-of-stupidity stems from a night out to the club at Karma (and on a side note… is there ever a non-Sunday where the kids aren’t going out to Karma?), it reinforces once again that during these kinds of moments we’re not watching reality TV stars, but real people acting out in very real ways.

I do fully believe that one of the reasons that Jersey Shore is so massively popular – as compared to, let’s say, a typical season of The Real World or with comparison to almost all reality TV programming today – is because this cast produces real and non-manufactured human drama and antics and related hilarity with regularity. I’d perhaps put an asterisk next to The Situation here as he’s the only cast member who seemingly is now “coasting” on his fame and has therefore ceded screen time to other cast members this season. And the caveat there is that he’s settled nicely into the role of helping to instigate drama with and between other members of the house.

Much of the episode is consumed with a seeming and impending “final” breakup between Sam and Ron. What’s kind of amazing to realize in the midst of the deep throes of it is that the final straw was instigated over drunken nonsense. Perhaps that’s more often the way real (as opposed to scripted) breakups go down though. A door opening to reveal the boyfriend in bed with another woman happens on TV; in real life it’s a descending pattern of small miscommunications, insecurities, and unmet needs that finally manifest itself in conflict only tangentially related to the true issues in a relationship.

<p>The next seeming example of how Jersey Shore keeps it real more often than any other reality show is Jenni’s surprising reconciliation with Ron. It might almost be perceived as a brilliant tactical move that Jenni swooped in to make up with Ron exactly when she did (i.e. when Ron and Sammi are on the serious outs), but I think she genuinely felt compassion for a friend who she believed went through much of the same heartache with Sammi as she experienced with Tom. Meanwhile, Sammi’s worst and truest colors come out when she goes ballistic and toxic and ugly when she learns that Ron is talking to her “enemy” Jenni (prompted by who else? The Situation). It culminates with her clocking Ron in the jaw. Charges have been pressed for similar actions on reality television, by the way.

I must admit that I was hopeful that Sammi and Ron would finally break up and go their separate ways and be the happier for it. It has to happen, it needs to happen, it wants to happen, I rationalized. But, alas, no. Of course, no. It was preordained no as Sam and Ron are the kind of dysfunctional doomed couple that endure dozens of these incidents that cause a black hole of negative energy around them. As much as it’s fun to make light of the rest of the cast (and the show in general) it’s to their credit that they are able to stumble on (sometimes literally) with this Drama Supreme proceeding around them so often.

For example, Vinnie pulls off one of the smartest rebuttals I’ve heard – scripted or not – in a long time:

  • “This is god telling me I need to go.” – Sammi
  • “This is not god. God is not your ego.” – Vinnie

And meanwhile, the funniest line of the night comes in the midst of the melodrama, when The Situation saunters up to the bed that Sammi is miserably snuggled up in and asks, “Yo, you got any condoms?” And a very close runner up later is also issued by way of The Situation to both Sammi and Ron on the other side of their all-night drama: “If you want me to go downstairs for some make-up sex, let me know. “’Cause I’m already up.”

More thoughts on this edition of Jersey Shore:

  • “It makes me want to find Tom and rip his nuts off.” – Snooki, on Jenni’s ex-boyfriend
  • “I love that sound.” – Deena, upon opening a bottle of wine
  • I’ve been somewhat confused by MTV referring to the return to the Jersey Shore as a continuation of Season Two, but for some reason they are considering the 2010 adventures of the cast (Miami Beach + Jersey Shore II) as part of one long season. Note: eventually this season has been officially classified as Season 3!
  • Pauly D has been cracking me up of late. In the last episode, it was chorus of “Roger that” while Jenni was on the phone with soon to be ex-boyfriend Tom, and this week it’s his reference to Jenni’s diminutive dogs as Snooki and Ryder.
  • Also cracking me up when he enters super instigator mode: The Situation telling a drunk Sammi, “He just kicked you out of your own room,” with regard to a drunk Ron throwing her clothes all over the room.
  • Has anyone made the Ryder connection? That is, on The Sopranos, Meadow has a friend named Ryder who shows up every once in a while to the New Jersey house. On Jersey Shore, Snooki has a friend named Ryder who shows up every once in a while to the Jersey Shore. What does it mean? Nothin’. I’m just saying.
  • “Let me see you get krunk.” – Ron
  • Have you noticed that Sammi often preambles a story about how she gets nightmarishly pissed off about something with, “I’m enjoying myself, and…”?
  • “You gotta respect the protection, but at the same time it is a cock block.” Vinnie, summing up the paradox that is a respectable girl who rolls out to the club with family members in tow.
  • When there’s some grenades or some beasts present, we got the grenade whistle.” – Vinnie
  • “it’s a good thing I’m trained in the art of dodging the grenade.” – Pauly D
  • “You and me are in the same boat because we have guilt.” – Jenni to Ron. That sounds like a line that should get stolen for something, doesn’t it?
  • When Sammi socks Ron in the jaw, is it really all that different as when Amber Portwood went pugilistic on Gary Shirley on Teen Mom?
  • “How much is a stripper pole?” – Snooki
  • “Karma’s a b—-, literally.” – Deena, referring to a certain incident in which Ron-lookalike Dean allegedly spread rumors that Deena enjoyed certain sexual predilections. I must be in a Sopranos state of mind today as I’m reminded of the episode in which Uncle Junior loses face with the fellas for, well, enjoying certain predilections himself.

Jersey Shore, “Back to the Shore” episode and cast info

Air date – January 27, 2011


Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio – Self
Jenni “JWoww” Farley – Self
Sammi “Sweetheart” – Self
Vinny Guagagino (later known as “Keto Guido”) – Self
Ronnie Margo – Self (as Ronnie Ortiz-Margo)
Angelina Pivarnick – Self
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – Self
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (later known as “Big Daddy Sitch” – Self